A bit about me

My Hobbies

I don't have time any more to properly develop my hobbies. But then, time is money so I guess it's more accurate to say I don't have enough money. If I had money to burn there are hundreds of things I would love to try and learn. But at the moment I'm just struggling hand to mouth.

Stamp Collecting

The first hobby I ever had was stamp collecting. I took it very seriously and collected thousands of stamps. Every year I would purchase all the first day covers and mint stamps. I still have them but I'm a bit bored now. They must be worth a bit of money come to think of it. Perhaps I should sell them to pay for some other hobbies!


For a few years I was fanatical about rockclimbing. It is very exciting. I like it because it combines excitement with the tranquility of nature. Unfortunatly it is difficult to go rockclimbing for a short period of time because suitable mountains are several hours drive. You really have to dedicate a whole weekend or it's not worth it. You need friends too!

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